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  • While en voyage north on Newport Blvd towards the fifty five fwy, we was pursuing behind a black Ford Explorer. There was 2 females in the car. You could see them screwing around w/ the cellphone through the back window, however that's 1 half the problem. When we 1st pulled up behind them, it was at a light by the Newport Beach pier. We was stuck behind them through few traffic for a small miles, unfortunately. ANYWAYS, the entire way, the woman motorist had her thong covered, well-pedicured left foot hanging out her driver's side window. I'm not kidding you!!! Seriously, WHO DRIVES LIKE THAT??? Was she attempting to advertise how flexible she was? I mean seriously...what's THAT ALL ABOUT???? It was seriously a accident just standing by to happen. My commuter attempted to obtain a pic of it on his camphone, however it turned out as well blurry for proof. Instead, I offer to u the aforementioned description of spoke vehicle, plus the fact that this individual goes to Chico State, as advertised by the stickers in her window. Perhaps while she's in college, she must learn safe en voyage techniques. UGH!!!!

    • Car Details: Black FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Newport Beach, California, US
    Anonymous March 31, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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