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  • I safely changed lanes on the freeway, however I think this guy thought i was cutting him off. Not 1 was he moving way as well fast for the slow morn traffic on 101North, however he was purposely swirving in his lane to obtain the attention of the operators around him. First chance he received he moved above a lane, fled up to be beside me & swirved toward me then received in front of me & squeezed his big butt suburban into the lane I was in, & then slammed on his breaks. Everything happend so fast I was more confused than anything. Moments later, he switched lanes again & began speeding through traffic as if he drove a tiny small sports car, doing the same thing to other cars. I was glad to see him obtain off the highway at Mathilda, however not before he wrecklessly fled towards the off ramp dodging vehicles in his way. Beware of this crazy guy!

    • Car Details: green GMC Suburban
    • Last Seen Location: sunnyvale, California, US
    Anonymous January 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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