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  • This twenty-something dumbass was weaving on Ann Arbor Road from 1 lane to other, not signaling. Driving enjoy he didn't care. I spoke him his en voyage skills sucked. (not the best idea, however honest) Then I rolled up the window & he spoke something I ignored. To prove my point, he then stuck his auto into my lane, then did few more weaving, & made few moronic gestures. Nearly sideswiped my car. Anyway, moron, it's a damn shame no cop was there to see you. Instead, I phoned a small police & gave them ur info, spoke there might be something inaccurate with you. (He cut few someone else off on I-275 North as he fled off.) Telling u u can't operate wasn't a challenge, moron. Or a invite. Grow up, moron. I may well follow up with cops so u obtain the msg that en voyage enjoy a dumbass isn't cool.

    • Car Details: gray FORD Fusion
    • Last Seen Location: Plymouth Twp., Michigan, US
    Anonymous December 01, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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