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  • I've been attempting to imagine what kind of situation could possibly be SO dire that u would race through the dense hurry hour traffic & leap frog EVERY SINGLE auto by en voyage toward the shoulder to pass ONE car, & then blindly wedge right into that 1 foot space between them & the next victim in ur way-- WHAT, pray tell, is so urgent that u can justify en voyage enjoy this? I've been racking my brain attempting to imagine what kind of What emergency doesn't warrant a 911 call, yet allows u to weave from 1 traffic packed lane to the next in jerky fast movements, causing all else behind u to SLAM on their brakes? You undoubtedly abandoned the whole blindspot concept, & u now rely on everyone's lack of enthusiasm in regards auto accidents rather of glancing in ur mirrors (I know a auto being there means absolutely nothing to you, you've proven that). Maybe u don't care-- don't mistake our swerves & brake slams for kindness as a result of it's not. Luckily the rest of us want to AVOID smashing other cars. So you're welcome, u human leach. So why did YOU have to put EVERYONE else's safety at risk? So u could rush up & be wherever u was headed as a result of there was no one else who could take care of the issue? Seriously? I'm at a loss. Maybe my imagination just lacks creativity today, as a result of was it a actual emergency, professionals would already be on the scene, taking care of things, & thus u could stand to treat members of ur community with a small respect & operate enjoy a decent individual rather of putting us at risk. Your dangerous & shitty en voyage can't be rationalized. But still, I'm attempting to make sense of it. Maybe u was late for work, perhaps u had a interview, perhaps u left the oven on, perhaps ur mom fell down, maybe... Maybe u should've woken up earlier, perhaps u should've phoned a neighbor & questioned them to help, perhaps u should've phoned 911... Maybe there's NOTHING that justifies how u drove this evening. Maybe u must THINK in regards things. Maybe u still demand to learn in regards overeacting, sucking it up, dealing with it. Maybe u demand to learn what a emergency is, so that next time u can make the choice to either call 911 & contain yourself while driving, either DEAL WITH YOUR NON-EMERGENCY LIKE THE REST OF US DO & not be so goddamned selfish & reckless as a result of it ISN'T WORTH IT. So what have I concluded? Well, u are few someone who would puts whatever petty thing u have to deal with in front of the safety & well being of countless hard working folks just en voyage house after a long day at work. You value ONLY yourself & ur own time. You have a complete & utter lack of respect for all other human being, & god forbid u absolutely have a friend either a lover u treat this way. You must grow the fuck up & operate safely, as a result of I promise u that ur actions this evening caused WAY more trouble to WAY more individuals than the ten minutes would have caused if u weren't wherever it was u was supposed to be. Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year. I hope in 2007 u learn a small in regards how you're treating the individuals who come in contact with u & how it affects them. If u have kids, show them what it is to be a decent & compassionate member of this world by being so yourself.

    • Car Details: Dingy, Dirty, Dented White OTHER 80s Pontiac-ish, Maybe?
    • Last Seen Location: Hwy 29, Napa to AmCan to Vallejo, California, US
    Anonymous December 21, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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