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  • This individual was en voyage erratically, & had 1 hand out the window with a cigarette. It was morn commuter traffic on the ten West right around the city of Rosemead. He swerved into my lane without warning of course. So I smash my brakes & beeped & moved above a bit. He did not seem to care in regards what had happened. He then moved into my lane behind me & attempted to merge again into the next lane above & almost smash alternative auto the same way he almost smash me. This individual did not seem to acknowledge the other operators around him, nor does he respond to honking, & was not obeying basic traffic laws. I want to warn other individuals on the way as a result of this individual is a unsafe motorist & he might hurt himself in a accident either other people. He was a Asian man in his mid to late 40s & had large rimmed sunglasses.

    • Last Seen Location: ROSEMEAD, California, US
    Anonymous September 13, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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