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  • I was headed up a on-ramp east-bound on HWY eighty near El Cerrito, CA in the rain. All of a sudden these two guys in a older blue Maxima came flying up next to me on my right moving approx seventy MPH up the ramp squeezing between me & alternative car. He then jerked his auto in front of mine almost taking me out completely. Had I not slammed on my brakes, I'd be in the hospital right now. I grabbed down their licence plate num & flagged down a El Cerrito cops officer. He was moving to take a glance around the neighborhood where they received off the hwy (the same exit I did). I as well contacted the CHP & they grabbed a report & spoke they would broadcast it, as he was potentially a drunk driver. If u witness few someone en voyage erradically & even THINK they may be drunk, don't hessitate to call 911 on ur mobile phone. That is what the CHP spoke me to do. They are really attempting to obtain the public's assistance in tracking down these criminals (and that IS what thery are).

    • Car Details: Blue NISSAN Maxima
    • Last Seen Location: El Cerrito, California, US
    Anonymous April 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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