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  • Traveling NB on I-97 this afternoon I saw this black lincoln cross above two lanes of traffic almost causing a white Oddesy to collide with him (too the point of flashing lights) all to obtain in the away lane & attempt & pass traffic. He then continued to weave in & out of traffic that he received captured in. It is as well a rainy day in MD & MD law states that if u have to use ur wipers u use ur headlights...yup u guessed it no headlights.As commander cody spoke 'Your gonna operate me to drinkin' if u don't stop en voyage that hot rod lincoln.' Slow down & obtain there alive...your family will be grateful.

    • Car Details: Black LINCOLN Town Car
    • Last Seen Location: Millersville, Maryland, US
    Anonymous April 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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