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  • We was en voyage back from Target on 6th Avenue when this kid just guns it across two lanes into our lane & almost slams into the side of our car. To bypass a accident, my motorist had to swerve into the other lane just to bypass this kid. The Trailblazer's motorist & passengers undoubtedly thought they was in the right (even though they OBVIOUSLY didn't glance before almost colliding into our car) as a result of 1 of the small teenage girls stuck her hand out the window & flipped us off after we beeped the horn. Why was they in such a hurry, u might ask? Oh, as a result of they just HAD to rush so they could go stuff their faces at burger king. Here's a hint for next time kid, since you're OBVIOUSLY new to driving. A whopper is NOT worth endangering the life of ur passengers either other innocent operators on the road. Next time take the time to absolutely make certain that u can safely obtain into the lane you're attempting to merge with before just stomping ur foot down on the gas. Oh, & let's attempt to show a small decorum & NOT flip off the motorist that just saved u a LOT of currency by avoiding the accident. News flash, this accident had it occurred, would have been ur fault. May ur parents come to their senses & take ur keys away, either have u retake driver's ed as a result of it didn't sink in the 1st time.

    • Car Details: Gray CHEVROLET Trailblazer
    • Last Seen Location: Aberdeen, South Dakota, US
    Anonymous April 09, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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