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  • Fool group of four motorcyclists on the PA turnpike pass us, then slow down & ride FOUR across, blocking BOTH LANES & not allowing anybody to pass them. We finally wiggled between few of them, wishing to obtain away from them as a result of they had passed us at a high rate of speed & then flanked out & slowed down to the point we was forced off cruise control & moving in regards sixty MPH (yeah, sixty in a 65!) This maneuver pissed off 1 of the donorcyclists, & he made a point to repass us not once, not twice, however THREE times, each time CUTTING AS CLOSE TO OUR FRONT END AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, upsetting two myself, my husband, & putting our infant son at risk must we lose control of the vehicle. The guy then attempted to brake few times from in front of us, attempting to obtain us to smash him. We pulled off at the Somerset rest area, grabbed a long break, & then received back on the road, thinking they was long gone. Lo & behold, as I paid the toll at the I70/US30 bypass going into Breezewood, 3 of the lackeys was WAITING at the toll plaza & just 'happened' to take off at the same time I pulled through the EZ Pass toll lane. I recognized them & thought NOT AGAIN! They grabbed off & didn't bother us...UNTIL we received into the Breezewood restaurant/gas station area, where the fourth ass, the 1 who had harrassed us thus far, pulled out from a gasoline station on the right RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, into the left shift lanes, & with the arrow GREEN for us, SLAMMED ON HIS BRAKES to a complete stop at the green arrow...again alternative attempt to obtain me to smash him from behind. He then grabbed off straight (from the leftmost of the two left shift lanes...didn't shift & could have gotten smash however anybody in the right lane making a left.) We made our left & then all four of these jerks came ROARING back around us, & as a result of I was en voyage (not my husband) & didn't respond to their game, they eventually grabbed off at well above the speed limit. We attempted to call #77 & report them & 911...911 bounced us around & #77 in Maryland didn't even work. These guys have few massive not good karma piled up against them. They came out of nowhere, harassed us for a good length of the PA turnpike & into Maryland on I-70, & had no regard for sharing the road. Karma baby...if I see ur punk butt in front of me again, hesitation will not be in my vocabulary. 'Revenge is Mine', saith the Lord. I'm gonna help him a little. There was NO excuse for this kind of harassment.

    • Car Details: Black/Chrome OTHER Harley Davidson DonorCycle
    • Last Seen Location: Somerset, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous August 04, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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