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  • This a.m. on the way to occupation this douchebag decides that she is just moving to cut me off & jump into the lane that I was in. She did not appear to even glance & I had to crash on my brakes to bypass smashing her. If there would have been few someone behind me they would have surely smash me. If she did see me & did it on purpose (which is possible) then she is a dumber than I gave her credit for. People enjoy this demand not be driving; that is why they make public transportation! A copy of this wire is moving on her windshield as I know where she works. I hope when she reads it she will take heed & pay more attention next time!!!!

    • Car Details: Maroon MITSUBISHI Galant
    • Last Seen Location: Milton, Florida, US
    Anonymous June 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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