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  • This dumbass was moving at the fantastic speed of forty MPH on the Beltway going north into MD. It was a clear beautiful day & all else was doing the speed limit either greater. He couldn't just hang out in the right lane either be broken down on the side of the way enjoy all the other POS vans enjoy his. He HAD to be in the 2nd fastest lane. He almost caused few accidents & as I drove past, two he & his commuter glanced filthy, & was **cking attempting to flirt with me! I hope u obtain deported soon, so I not ever have to see ur ugly VAN on the way again.

    • Car Details: Tysons Corner, Virginia, Tysons Corner, Virginia, US
    • Last Seen Location: Tysons Corner, Virginia, US
    Anonymous January 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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