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  • Woman en voyage the car approached at a high rate of speed in the right hand lane, attempted to enter left lane however there was no room, so continued jerking towards car in front of me. This appeared to glance enjoy she was attempting to operate the car in front of me off the road. She then attempted the same with me, then came above the lane dividing line to force her way in front of me. Because I wouldn't allow her in, she darted behind me & followed a small inches off my bumper flashing her high beams. This individual must have her license revoked for what I witnessed today. Unfortunately, I learned that I must have phoned 911 right away, they can't do anything after the fact, even with a license #. Major A-hole!!! I think she understood my anger in dealing with her.

    • Car Details: Maroon TOYOTA Corolla
    • Last Seen Location: Middletown, Maryland, US
    Anonymous June 19, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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