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  • While en voyage to occupation this morning, I was in the left lane on McLoughlin Blvd, where the right lane closes down & merges left just north of downtown Milwaukie. Every morn all the speedy guys hop in the right lane & then pass all of the cars that have already merged, & then force their way to the front of the line. This morn I glanced in my rearview mirror in time to see a auto moving at least fifteen MPH faster than traffic jump from RIGHT behind me into the right lane, cutting off alternative car within inches, & then go passing all of the merged traffic on the right. I don't know how he physically pulled off this maneuver - I'm guessing he had less than a couple of feet on either end of my vehicle. Once around, I noticed the plate 383 CVY. This plate was familiar to me from a incident in regards a month prior...Roll back time: Roughly 1 month ago, I'm in the right lane on McLoughlin Blvd, moving with traffic. We're approaching up on a part where the way expands to 3 lanes. All the speedy guys enjoy to crowd the right lane before this part so they can jump into the away right lane & pass the rest of traffic. Anyhow, all of a sudden, in my rearview mirror, I see a set of headlights RIGHT on my bumper - & then they vanish below my line of sight as this dumbass absolutely pulls CLOSER! I retain my speed constant. Soon enough, this moron sees his opening. While we're literally fifty feet from where the way widens to 3 lanes, this guy jerks his truck to the left lane, then goes zipping by me & cuts me off, moving from the away left lane, across my lane & into the newly established away right lane - literally missing me by inches. No, he couldn't wait for alternative two seconds to just obtain over... I watch him continue his way & act enjoy a general bunghole to all num of cars in close proximity, & then he twists right toward SE 17th Avenue.This individual is clearly a menace.Of course, neither time did I have my cel telephone with me.I wish the State of Oregon would establish a Police non-emergency site where u could report stuff enjoy this.

    • Car Details: Dark Blue NISSAN Truck - Frontier?
    • Last Seen Location: Milwaukie, Oregon, US
    Anonymous November 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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