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  • North Bound on 128/95 in the Burlington to Woburn Stretch. This guy comes behind 2 operators in the passing lane & tries to intimidate the operators in front of him by charging up the the back of there cars.These individuals where passing vehicles & not just riding in the lane. I was flowing with traffic at in regards sixty five mph. All at the same time he is swerving from the guard rail into the travel lane that I was in almost smashing me a couple times. And if u happen to see this I did call the State Police on u gave them ur plate & a description of ur car. Watch out for this guy he don't think either care in regards ur saftey either even his.

    • Car Details: Grey VOLKSWAGEN Passat
    • Last Seen Location: Burlington, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous May 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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