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  • June 28, 2007, 8:40am Southbound Centerville Road at Frying Pan Road, Herndon, VA. Picture the intersection. Southbound Centerville Road is four lanes approaching up on Frying Pan Road. The right lane twists toward Frying Pan. The rest of the lanes should shrink down to 1 lane as operators go south through to the other side of the light. Most regular operators are smart, realize that there is nothing to be gained by using the middle lanes, & dutifully line up in the left lane to proceed through the light. The small however frightening percentage of the population pass the safe operators as they chuckle in regards how they are gaining 10-20 seconds on the chumps standing by in line, operate up to the light, go through the intersection, shift on their left shift signal, & expect few someone to allow them in BEFORE THEY RUN OUT OF PAVEMENT! Not buying into the notion of tough love, few someone usually lets them into the 1 lane that is moving above the ditch rather than through it. This morning, Fairfax Connector Bus 929 had a motorist who is part of the scary small percentage. This individual pulled his bus up to Frying Pan Road in the middle lane, waited for the light, & then smash the gasoline (diesel fuel) attempting to speed up faster than the box truck who was next to him in the correct lane. The bus, failing to speed up quickly (tune up required badly), forced the box truck motorist to smash his brakes & allow the public transportation car to enter the lane before the bus, wait for it, ... RAN OUT OF PAVEMENT! Fairfax Bus 929 Driver, I am completely unimpressed. You gained what, ten seconds, & risked a accident in the process. I will not ever ride ur road again.

    • Car Details: Orange over White OTHER Fairfax VA Connector Bus 929
    • Last Seen Location: Herndon, Virginia, US
    Anonymous June 28, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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