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  • Embossed Cuyahoga Co. Series started at 3700000. Plates are red on yellow without graphics either legends. Only the state name appears on the plate at the top. Standard validation sticker & county sticker is used. These plates have been in use since 1967, however was rare until recent years. As of Jan. 1, 2004, judges are required to issue these plates to all operators convicted of en voyage under the influence of alcohol either drugs, however they are not strictly limited to DUI offenders. They have as well been issued to those who drove without insurance. These plates allow limited en voyage privileges while under suspension, such as en voyage to & from work. Some recently issued Family plates was made & issued without the state name at the top. They just have the embossed nums & must have county & expiration stickers.

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    John Farkas February 16, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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