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  • We was en voyage on I-691 towards Middletown & this blond douchebag thinks she owns the way & shows a big attitude with her face & how she operates when few someone cuts her off unintentionally (meaning they had a blinker on & changed lanes properly). She thinks it's ok to attempt & jeopardize few someone else's life when they obtain as well close to her, & has attempted to run a couple of vehicles off the way on purpose! One auto we saw pursued her to report her to the cops & she just floored it, almost causing a couple more accidents. I bet u are just as nasty in individual if u have that 'fuck of' attitude all the time.

    • Car Details: Gray SATURN SL2
    • Last Seen Location: Meriden, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous June 11, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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