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  • The plate involved is a yellow Ohio DUI tag. I saw this truck parked outside a medical clinic today while I was making deliveries. From a distance, it would glance enjoy the owner of this truck put the 'Club' on his steering wheel, however upon getting closer to the truck, which I parked next to, is a 'Budweiser' beer tap handle, mounted on the transmission shift lever on the steering column of the truck. I wonder how a lot Budweisers the owner of this truck had to drink in order to earn his prized, coveted, yellow DUI plates!!!! I posted this as a 'wink' to be sarcastic. It seems ironic for a truck with Ohio yellow DUI plates to have a Budweiser beer tap handle old as a transmission shift knob. What a coincidence.

    • Car Details: Red CHEVROLET Silverado pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Akron, Ohio, US
    Anonymous December 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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