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  • You are a accident glancing for a place to happen! You came down the Southbound I five on ramp doing in regards seventy five MPH. The speed limit South of Tacoma is sixty MPH for everyone....except YOU. You had to crash on ur brakes merging (no signal) into the right lane to retain from smashing the pick up in front of you. Then u swerved into the middle lane directly in front of me, again no signal. Did those train horns make ya mess ur pants? Sure received ur attention thow, didn't they! All u could see in ur back view mirror was moose bumper! After I made few space between us u received dumb AGAIN! Went toward the left lane, then u signaled left??? right in front of a SUV who had to crash on his brakes to bypass you. THEN, u received dumb again & tailgated the auto in front of u until they moved above & THEN u cut in front of him, (in the middle lane) & tailgated alternative auto for 3 miles. There was no 1 in the left lane next to u as a result of the SUV u cut off kept his distance.....because he knew what I knew. And certain enough it paid off, again u received stupid, u swerved into the left lane again, THEN u signalled left & left ur signal on, blicking left, for in regards two more miles, cut yet in front of alternative big truck in the middle lane (I saw his brake lights come on) & a auto in the right lane (and his brake lights came on) & made ur exit....the whole time with ur LEFT signal on. When u received to the light, with ur left signal still on, u made a right on red......without stopping! Again, a red sedan had to obtain on his brakes to retain from smashing you, as a result of u turned right in front of him........ that should have been a very, very important telephone call. Everyone remember this plate, 370 MRMWashington plate, very light brown Volvo four door sedan, women driver, brown hair. Avoid her at all costs! She is out to kill herself & perhaps take a small people with her....Spitfire, will drop the video tape off at the truck stop at exit 57.You can pick it up later. Or have 1 of the other troopers stop & obtain it. (Envelope has 'your' name on it) You gotta see this one. Also FYI. Court in Kent called, questioned me to drop complaint, she is in jail in Oregon, (get this) filled auto with premium (high priced stuff) & drove off without paying..... she had above $400 in her purse......a half smoked left handed cigarette, & a bag of white powder, I think she's gonna be there awhile. Oh, & don't forget Feb. 14th is fast approaching, don't u forget to obtain few flowers for ur 'better half'. I received my favorite neice covered, (she's 14 moving on 24) ordered them today for Tuesday delivery (FEb 13th). In case she doesn't know who her 'secret admirer' is, say her, it's ME. She'll obtain a kick out of it. Later Bro

    • Car Details: very light brown VOLVO 4 door sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Tacoma, Washington, US
    Anonymous January 31, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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