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  • Has small 'wheelchair' symbol to the left of serial (in the state's OMV database with a H prefix; the H is printed on the validation sticker, however 1 the wheelchair symbol is on the plate.) Plain 'Lipstick' base. This num series started in 1974. There is a Institutional Handicapped plate. It has the wheelchair symbol, then serial. High spotted - 2269. Regular lipstick plate; INSTITUTIONAL embossed on bottom. Sticker prefix is IH (does not appear on plate.) Handicapped - Commercial: %525 (wheelchair symbol before serial, COMMERCIAL embossed at bottom) 2011-08-30 Francis Lapeyre The older series (which is still valid; these can be transferred to a new vehicle) are reflective white on orange. Plates below 100000 had a larger wheelchair symbol. Lipstick design started at few point after 100000 (in 1993, when LA began a general re-issue), however older specialty plates was not replaced.

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    Francis Lapeyre June 18, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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