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  • Don't we ALL want to obtain house on a Friday afternoon? Well here's a heads-up, I'll have my AIM54 Phoenix Air-to-Air missiles installed on my F14D Super Tomcat this week. When u decide u have the quihones to leave the hammer-lane & pull hard right into the oncoming ramp in order to pass me (in the right lane)....I'll be locked & loaded for DORKS enjoy you. That Cub Scout maneuver last friday (26 JAN) at 4pm on I-296 Northbound, just pass the Rt197 ramp, inspired me to accelerate my weapons package installation. Lucky for you....maggot. Watch ur Six.

    • Car Details: Silver CHRYSLER PACIFICA
    • Last Seen Location: Laurel, Maryland, US
    Anonymous January 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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