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  • Going up Southington Mountain...again... I am in the lane immediately to the left of the slow lane (won't u be so proud cuinhell. I was being respected enjoy you!) I am moving perhaps 70mph. No traffic for a small hundreds yards in front & the same goes for the rear. This gray volkswagen comes flying up from behind, in 1 of the lanes to the left of me. He changes lanes while approaching up my tail & absolutely gets into the slow lane & passes by me enjoy I was standing still. If he was not doing tripe digits I would be dumbfounded. His crazy lane changes crossing above two lanes right behind me left me frozen, had no idea which way to go to obtain out of his way. Then of course one time he received into traffic it was the usual weaving in a out to gain precious seconds. To the dude who was driving. Your moving to obtain yours. Might not be tomorrow, might not be in a week, however eventually ur recklessness is moving to catch up with you. I cut individuals enjoy u out of their vehicles at least a couple times a week. I 1 pray that when it catches up to u that u don't take few other unsuspecting motorist who is unlucky enough to be sharing the way at the same time with you.

    • Car Details: Gray VOLKSWAGEN Was going to fast to see
    • Last Seen Location: Cheshire, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous December 03, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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