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  • I know she'll not ever read this, however typing frantically on the keyboard will make it all better, I just know it!! I occupation in a shopping plaza, & my auto was parked in the 1st regular parking spot, which happens to be next to the disability spot. This 80+ year old couple pull into the disability spot, & I'm thinking, 'Oh this is not gonna be good'. The obtain out & go into Subway. I think to myself, 'I will bet MONEY she smash my auto door getting out'. Lo & behold, big 'ol white scratch on my motorist door. So as they was exiting Subway, I said, 'Hey, tnx for smashing my auto door with yours, appreciate it'. She muttered something under her breath. I hope she was embarrassed that she was 'caught'. It's not really a big enough scratch to pursue anything, however it just goes to show, no matter location, age, car, etc, individuals just do NOT pay attention & do NOT provide a sh*t!!! OK, I feel better now. Sorry for the novel. :-)

    • Car Details: White CADILLAC Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Chesterfield, Missouri, US
    Anonymous September 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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