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  • I turned right on to 1900 S, in Roy, UT. A red Ford F150 followed close behind me. He gunned it & received in the left lane before I was able to as a result of I was standing by for a silver Ford 150 to pass who was as well in the left lane, however while I was warning & moving into the left lane, rather of slowing down & allowing me to obtain into the left lane he fled up significantly, tailing me & honking his horn,but rather of backing off, he received into the right lane to pass me, 1 to cut me off by perhaps a foot either even less, all as a result of he required to go to Winegars (a grocery store) . I followed him to confront him since I have 3 year old in the back of my auto & his en voyage was unnecessary,I went to his truck, & his wife was in there, I spoke with his wife who was very nice, & understood & she tells she has to say him all the time to be careful while driving, he came out telling me to obtain away from his truck, & just enjoy his driving, he was cocky & spoke I had cut him off first, all as a result of he fled up & would not allow me over.

    • Car Details: RED FORD F150
    • Last Seen Location: ROY, Utah, US
    Anonymous February 26, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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