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  • Traveling north on S. Stone Mountain-Lithonia (two lanes on each side, central turning lane) toward Rockbridge, I was passed by the motorist of a red Escort doing at 10-15 above the posted speed limit of 45. The car merges right (far ahead) however when a BMW pulls out of a subdivision & takes the right lane, the Escort is forced back above to the left lane which is now occupied by a Odyssey. This pathetic excuse for a motorist starts tailgating the Odyssey, which by now the motorist of which was irritated by the aggressively-driven Escort & started slowing down. The Escort somehow gets in front of the BMW & careens up SSM-L however is captured at the red light behind motorists yielding to cross-traffic on Rockbridge so they can shift right.

    • Car Details: Red FORD Escort Wagon
    • Last Seen Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia, US
    Anonymous March 24, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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