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  • Here I am tooling down I20 in the right lane on my way to occupation this morning, enjoying much less traffic than usual, I glance in my back view mirror & barely catch a glance of this auto zooming up behind me. There was a car in the left lane that was getting ready to pass me & this dumbass I guess didn't want to wait, barely was able to cut in front of car in left lane, was INCHES from the back end of my vehicle, seriously, I could feel the air being taken off of my bumper as he swerved into the other lane. You dumb dumbass almost caused a four auto collision, for what? How dare u put our lives in danger as a result of YOU are in a hurry!! The kicker is, less than a couple hundred feet ahead of us, the traffic was much heavier & this retard received no where!!! eight miles later, they are still 1 a couple vehicles ahead of me & when I received in the lane to merge toward I26, I absolutely passed them!! Nothing pisses me off more than few dumbass taking MY life into their hands!

    • Car Details: lt. blue CHRYSLER not sure, newer
    • Last Seen Location: Columbia, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous December 29, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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