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  • I guess my 1st wire wasn't clear so I will attempt again. The 1st time I spoke 'The road in front of my office is a two-lane (one in each direction) divided road paved with bricks. The lanes are very wide & do not have painted lines. This morn I was slowing, warning & preparing to make a left shift when this woman drove up beside me on the left! She followed me to my parking space & claimed she was in a shift lane. I told her that there is no shift lane & that lanes are defined by lines.'If the problem is not clear I will point it out. There is 1 ONE east-bound lane! I was signalling & preparing to shift LEFT! She drove BESIDE me on the left. If I had not checked my blind spot I would have turned into her. There was no legitimate reason to check my blind spot as a result of there is 1 ONE lane!

    • Car Details: Black ACURA CL3.0
    • Last Seen Location: Midlothian, Virginia, US
    Anonymous May 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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