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  • While standing by to shift right from Virginia Street on to Highway 41, the railroad crossing bars came down at the crossing a hundred either so feet up the way the way I was moving to go. A locomotive engine slowly crossed & the traffic began to build up since the light for the freeway was green at the time. A dark color pick-up has pulled up behind me, as well standing by to shift right. My light twists green, however the traffic is still backed up to just in regards where I would have to shift toward the highway, so I am standing by a small moments since it is starting to move again AND there are vehicles approaching across the freeway from the other direction & there IS a yield sign in the shift lane. I can see this guy gesticulating wildly behind me, he then rolls down his window & shrieks, 'It's GREEN u idiot. GO!!!!' I can't shift into the vehicles stopped in front of me. He then throws the truck in reverse & backs off my tailpipe & tries to go around me on my left side. I then pull out toward the highway, since the vehicles in front of me have now moved & he again screams & shouts & gives me the finger. He guns the truck & pulls in front of me, slamming on his breaks, allegedly wanting me to run into his grubby small truck. He becomes dissatisfied with the pace of this lane & swerves suddenly into the other lane, directly behind a semi. This is not to his liking either, & since I really don't want him behind me again, I hang back. He then lunges back into the lane in front of me & tailgates the unfortunate motorist in front of him. Watch out for Mr. Impatience. He allegedly feels that trains must not be a impediment to his progress!

    • Car Details: Dark Blue or Black OTHER Small Pick-up Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Evansville, Indiana, US
    Anonymous January 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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