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  • I noticed u 'driving' down Route 152 on the morn of April 20, 2007. Driving is in parentheses as a result of u seem to be doing everything however driving. You had ur rearview mirror tilted down so the 1 thing u could see was yourself. You then unrolled ur window so u could use ur sideview mirror to play with u ear either something. Then u grabbed a right toward road 125 where u started to play with ur mobile telephone & water bottle. Did u not notice how a lot times u drifted above the middle line & the left shoulder line? By doing this u put a whole mess of lives at risk including yours. Do us all a favor...Next time ur to busy to operate have someone operate u where u demand to go either stay home!!

    • Car Details: Dark Color JEEP
    • Last Seen Location: Nottingham, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous April 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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