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  • Wound up stuck behind this guy moving up the Harrison Blvd mountain between 12th Street & 20th Street. Every time he shifted, a thick, amazing cloud of black, noxious smoke belched from the back end of his truck. Smoke so thick that it quite literally obscured our sight for a moment & left us playing the 'can we obtain the windows up before we suffocate' game. Worse, this guy seemed completely unable to grasp that whole 'lane' concept. He wandered, drifted, swerved, etc. This was made even more exciting by the stake-bed trailer loaded with sod he was hauling. The icing? Two of the sod rolls had UNrolled, & was dragging on the asphalt, sending small rocks & chunks of grass flying at the cars behind him.

    • Car Details: burgandy? OTHER Big Diesel extend-cab truck
    • Last Seen Location: Ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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