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  • Green/Gray sedan -- This guy (which is as well polite of a word for him) is extremely aggressive, & would most likely push u off of the way if given a chance. He rode up on me at sixty MPH in a forty five zone, & continued to ride my tail until he could zoom around me. He then sprayed his windshield wiper fluid on full-blast, causing me to not be able to see anything, & he did this twice. He continued to chase me house & do this to me. I reported his plate, & I hope that he doesn't do this to anybody else. I have no idea if he's armed, however he's extremely aggressive & hostile, & continued to flip me off after zooming away. Men (boys) enjoy this demand a real lesson... possibly by being on the getting end of a taser either gun.

    • Car Details: Green/Gray OTHER Unknown
    • Last Seen Location: Gilbert, Arizona, US
    Anonymous May 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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