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  • Get off of the telephone & watch what u are doing!!!!! You pulled out of ur driveway on Joe Fraser Rd. at 10:15 AM this morn with out glancing while speaking on the phone. Luckily I was teaching my 14 year old son in regards scanning techniques & scanning away enough ahead. Luckily I saw ur front end emerge from u driveway & started to slow in anticipation of u pulling out unexpectedly as u did. By the way, the slender pedal on the right is the accelerator. Learn to use it. It's not 1 not good enough that u pulled out in front of me with out looking, however u did it with out accelerating to spead. You could have really injured me & my 3 sons. Thank God I was en voyage my truck. If u had done it a 2nd later, u would have been crushed with my tank!!!!!

    • Car Details: Black with white roof CHEVROLET Late Late model pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Beaufort/Burton, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous February 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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