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  • 9/6/07 7am Westbound Broadway coming Prudence. The lady/man en voyage this auto was in the right lane behind a landscaping type of stakebed truck. There was a auto in the middle lane. There was NOT enough room in front of the auto in the middle lane for a safe lane change. The individual in the Mazda six smash the gasoline & whipped right into the middle lane. The auto in the middle lane had to crash on the brakes to bypass being smash either smashing the dangerous driver. The Mazda six then received back into the right lane & turned into the Pharmacy on the Northwest corner of Broadway & Prudence. Very dangerous driver. He/she must not have a operators license.

    • Car Details: Light Grey MAZDA 6
    • Last Seen Location: Tucson, Arizona, US
    Anonymous September 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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