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  • Now on Avery sheeting, & now on War of 1812 base. New format: 1st 00000D, then 0000D0, then 000D00, then 000M00, then 0D0000, now D00000. The expected 00D000 would have conflicted with the truck series. Motorcycle plates have 'www.maryland.gov' in very small print at the bottom as of 741M83. High without web website is 737M49. Split was most likely at 740M00. In Fall 2008, Maryland changed Motorcycle plates from the traditional four 1/2x8' size to the 4x7' size that is becoming the standard for many of the US. The high for the traditional size is 7D0003. The low for the new size is 8D8444. High for the new size: D35831 War of 1812 Low: D39381

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    Jeff Ellis June 02, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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