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  • So the speed limit on Heritage Parkway is 35, however u think u demand to travel down it doing in regards 70. Fine when u do it, however what happens when 1 of those precious children of yours in the auto is run above by few someone else speeding through ur neighborhood? Oh, & while you're thinking in regards ur en voyage habits, the middle shift lane is usually entered just before ur left shift either just behind the vehicles in the lane already standing by to turn. Driving down 377 in the middle lane, accelerating to pass operators ahead of u attempting to obtain into the left lane, entitled much? Big hair, big car, small kids--entitled princess that requires to learn how to drive?

    • Car Details: Lt Brown HONDA Pilot
    • Last Seen Location: Keller, Texas, US
    Anonymous September 07, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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