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  • Happened this morn - Jan 13 - just before noon. I was stopped in the left lane at the north traffic light on TC Jester at Larkin. The middle lane was empty when I received there, then this guy come flying up in the middle lane & skids to a stop almost in the middle of the crossing in front of the crosswalk with his back bumper almost on top of the stop line. The light turned green & he gunned it to cut in front of me so he could shift left at the very next side street. There was no 1 behind me in the left lane, so why not just obtain behind me at the light rather of insisting on being in front & slowing me down while he sat there & waited for the oncoming traffic to clear? So I swung back into the middle lane & beeped to allow him know my displeasure at his move & he had the nerve to honk back at me! People who exhibit this kind of jerkoff behavior are known in few circles as 'COW's' as a result of they undoubtedly see themselves as the Center Of the World. I just call them jerks who demand to realize that the other traffic on the way isn't there just to impede to their progress. Chill out & show few courtesy, dude.

    • Car Details: Gold MERCEDES BENZ Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous January 13, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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