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  • Yet alternative new base for LSU has emerged. The purple tiger stripes have been removed, & 1 the LSU logo is to the left (no tiger's head). Serial is still purple. There have been low nums on this base (remake either reissue). This is somewhat of a 1st for LA, as they have in the previous just reissued a new plate with a new serial (they have, in the past, remade personalized plates). The last new LSU plate incorporatied light purple tiger stripes on white background. Low-numbered plates (in the 1000 range) was re-made on the new base. OMV may be replacing the older base on renewal (or upon request.) The early tiger-striped LSU plates had light purple stripes; this later version has darker purple stripes which make the purple serial harder to see. OMV prefix on sticker is ULS (does not appear on the plate itself.) The new logo mentioned is the 'Eye of the Tiger.'

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    Francis Lapeyre June 25, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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