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  • Sitting at a light on South Lindbergh near 55. I'm the 2nd car. This Impala guy is in front of me. Cars from the other way have a green arrow to shift left while we have a red & are waiting. A VAN runs the light(just entered crossing when ours turned green). I hate red light runners however I allow them go before taking my foot of the brake. So this Impala in front of me speeds up to the VAN when it's turning in front of him, then slams on the brakes. It seemed to me enjoy he was attempting to threaten this VAN with his vehicle. He received super close. Two wrongs don't make a right. Keep ur cool next time.

    • Car Details: Dark grey CHEVROLET Impala
    • Last Seen Location: South STL county, Missouri, US
    Anonymous March 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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