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  • Me: First auto standing by at the red light at AL-20 & Slaughter Road, standing by to shift left toward east twenty towards I-565. You: Reckless jerk in a large white pickup, towing a trailer full of lawn care equipment, blowing previous a whole lane of vehicles that absolutely cared to stop for a light that had been red for few seconds, not even bothering to smash the brakes. Guess what... that's how serious, life-altering & sometimes fatal accidents happen... as a result of self-important jerks enjoy u blatantly run lights that are unquestionably red. Good thing there wasn't anybody in the right lane who cared to stop for the light... u would have plowed into them at sixty MPH before u even had the chance to smash me. If ur brakes don't occupation well, obtain them fixed. If u thought ur trailer was as well heavy, don't tow so much on it. But if u are just alternative jerkoff who requires to obtain to where he's moving more than anybody else on the road... park ur damn truck & shift in ur license before u kill someone.

    • Car Details: White CHEVROLET Silverado
    • Last Seen Location: Huntsville, Alabama, US
    Anonymous April 28, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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