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  • I was behind this dumbass who decided that since it is cold outside, he will go less than five MPH in a thirty MPH zone. The streets was cleared so he didn't have to worry in regards sliding off the road. He as well friquently had his brake lights on making it impossible for me to determine when he was moving to brake & when he did brake, he did it abruptly. He approached a stop sign & started slowing down 1/2 block before stop sign. I almost rear-ended him & honked. He continued en voyage slow so I began flashing my headlights at him since I couldn't safely pull into left lane to pass him since it was a unsafe corner to pass. When it was safe to pass, I pulled to left to pass & he abruptly accelerated! I slowed & pulled back behind him & sounded my horn. Finally at he abruptly pulled off of way into the Layton City Council building. If u are moving to operate excessively slow, PULL OVER when alternative auto is attempting to go faster OR LET THEM PASS - DO NOT SPEED UP! It is illegal to operate excessively slow when conditions do not permit & as well illegal to speed up while few someone is passing you.

    • Car Details: Silver CHEVROLET Caprice?
    • Last Seen Location: Layton, Utah, US
    Anonymous December 09, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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