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  • Note: From alternative website.Plate not listed.White man motorist did a excellent work avoiding getting smash from a bus that ran a stop sign & almost smash this guy. I watched as a bus operates right into a busy street, running a stop sign & making his right shift directly in front of this vehicle. The bus driver, black man glanced near retirement age should of been blind! However, the motorist of the Explorer did a good work of swerving out of the way (from my point of view, it appeared as inches), old a shift signal, & maintain control of his vehicle. He as well seemed to retain his cool, unlike most.I failed to obtain the bus plate number, however it was a PACE bus in which the motorist laid on the horn...obviously as well late to warn individuals of his stupidity...but I hope his passengers complain in regards his driving.

    • Car Details: Red FORD Explorer NBX
    • Last Seen Location: North Riverside, Illinois, US
    Anonymous June 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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