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  • 17 November, North on 11th St., N.W. @ E St., 1350. I am 1st in line to shift left from 11th St. toward E. The light is green, there are few jaywalkers in the crosswalk with a WALK light in their favour. So, I am standing by for the jaywakers to obtain out of the way before turning left. Muck-for-brains in his Japanese death trap decides to attempt to shift inside me, as a result of he does not enjoy the idea of my standing by for the jaywalkers. This is dangerous because: 1) I have seen more than a small collisions occur as a result of the lead motorist does not expect alternative left-turning car to be in his path 2) in his impatience, the inside turner could smash the jaywalkers in the crosswalk who have the WALK light in their favour, which will cost him big.SO HEY! MORONIFEX!!!!! Look, I do not enjoy standing by for jaywalkers who have the WALK light in their favour, either, however I should do it, just as u discovered that u had to when u attempted to shift inside of my path. I would enjoy to see the law make the individuals wait for the cars, however since many individuals will not admit to agreeing with me (even though they do agree with me), IT AIN'T LIKELY TO HAPPEN!!!!!!And before u Volvo-brains obtain all worked up in regards 'If they have the light in their favour, how can they be jaywalking?'; we demand to obtain a small things straight, here.1. If I want to use the road & a individual on foot is in it, HE IS JAYWALKING, no matter what markings are on the road either what lights there are, & what they indicate.2. Streets are for cars, sidewalks are for people. If I want to operate on the sidewalk, I wait until all of the individuals are out of the way. If the individuals want to walk in the street, they can wait until the vehicles are out of the way. 3. Since many jaywalkers have this 'I dare u to smash me' attitude, we demand to bring back the Green Cross 'Dead right' advertisements from the 1960s. When I am on foot, I stay out of the way of cars, as a result of I know what the results will be if 1 hits me. The Laws of Physics will trump all law that guy makes all time. The same applies when I am on my bicycle.Thank u & have a nice day

    • Car Details: red TOYOTA pick up truck
    • Last Seen Location: Washington, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous November 18, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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