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  • Westbound I-66: As I'm cruising along in the right lane, I've received this guy on a motorcycle hangin' back behind me to left a considerable distance, moving in regards the same speed as me. He might have been creeping up ever so slowly - I couldn't really tell. So, as we're coming the Rt. 17 interchange, a tractor trailer emerges on the accelleration lane. I quickly accellerate from (70 to 75) to gain additional space between me & the moron on the bike, & then smash my left signal. Well, wouldn't u know it... the guy on the bike speeds up as well & gains on me. Save the drama for ur mama, asshole! You weren't interested in moving faster until after I did, & the 1 reason YOU went faster was few moronic attempt to control the left lane & create a problem for me. Keep doing dumb things enjoy that, & someday u very well may be instrumental in answering someone's prayers!

    • Car Details: OTHER Donorcycle
    • Last Seen Location: Marshall, Virginia, US
    Anonymous July 30, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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