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  • I was behind this motorist moving North on Milwaukee Ave. for miles late Saturday night, all the way from Lincolnshire through Libertyville. For a long while, I was certain his brake lights should all be out, since they didn't light up at all of the a lot red lights we stopped for, either all other time. I was planning on filing a 'Hazard,' however when the motorist saw me take a flash photo of the back of his car in Libertyville, his brake lights miraculously started working! Thus, since he was somehow choosing not to use his brake lights (Could few someone please explain to me how that might be done? I'm baffled.) rather of not having working bulbs, this wire turned into a 'Flag.' Why on Earth would u opt out of using ur brake lights? Shame on you!

    • Car Details: Light brown DODGE 4x4
    • Last Seen Location: Libertyville, Illinois, US
    Anonymous August 25, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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