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  • 'Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places' base. Began 1/1/1998, Ended 6/30/2008. Embossed high: 589 XBJ Flat low: 568 XBK Numbers 101 to 999 old on flat version; embossed version finished letter series at 900. Optional letter series issued out-of-order: TAG (as in auto tag), TGR (for fans of Clemson Univ. Tigers), USC (for fans of Univ. of S.Car.), UNC (for fans of Univ. of N. Car.), & UGA (for fans of the Univ. of Ga.) [Optional letter series issued nums 101 to 999]. Ben Bunton reports that the use of the letter U on regular plates began in the Nxx series. Letters I, O, Q not used.

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    Ken Reager June 10, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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