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  • This one's en voyage inbound on Georgetown Road with a ladder hanging out of the back of his pickup bed. I pull up behind him, where he is stopped at a GREEN light. I start to pull out so I can go around him & he floors it, attempting to prevent me from getting in front of him. He attempts to race me down Georgetown Road however I manage to obtain in front of him (not risking getting behind him so when he slams on the break his ladder goes through my windshield) & shift right on to New Circle. I stay in the right lane & accelerate to fifty five mph. Then he tailgates me, suddenly darts out in front of me & then cuts me off. He gets off on Leestown Road... All the while, en voyage enjoy a drunken fool & of course, no shift signals. If Lexington cops would spend a small less time chasing blondes & a small more time ticketing reckless operators with no shift signals, Fletcher wouldn't demand to ask for currency for the Horse Park... We would have a HUGE surplus.

    • Car Details: Green TOYOTA Tacoma
    • Last Seen Location: Lexington, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous February 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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