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  • Watch out for this small peckered pickup truck driver. I pulled out of my way this morn with plenty of time, this piece of occupation decided his brakes didn't want to work. He was moving way to fast around the corner to be doing the speed limit. I fled up to seventy five & the dink kept up on me. About a mile ahead, a school bus had its red lights on, so I stopped for it, bonehead in this truck decides he requires to 'show' me his bumper in my rearview. He should have left me a foot of space..wake up people, you're not the 1 1 on the road. Hope u enjoy that gasoline bill keeping that empty beast of a penis-enlargement-mobile moving seventy five on the road.. ugh.

    • Car Details: dark green FORD F-250
    • Last Seen Location: Walpole, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous February 15, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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