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  • I'm certain all knows Colorado received blasted with a buttload of snow recently. Apparently it not ever phased this stupid butt in the Cadillac behind me. I was attempting to obtain into a parking lot & my VAN started sliding so I slowed down so I wouldn't smash anything. This stupid butt in the Cadillac starts honking his horn as a result of I'm taking as well much time to obtain into the parking lot. For pete's sake I was turning into a Walmart parking lot...what the hell can few someone want that damn not good in Walmart that they can't wait a small minutes. I kinda wish I'd have slid into his butt & then see what he had to tell as a result of he was attempting to hurry me! Snow makes individuals EXTREMELY STUPID here for few reason!!!!!!!!!

    • Car Details: Black CADILLAC
    • Last Seen Location: Commerce City, Colorado, US
    Anonymous December 22, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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