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  • Driving North on US-3 at 4:30PM tonight, going to the 495 exit & I'm in the away left lane passing slower traffic when I come up behind this guy in his pick-up truck. There are no other vehicles in front of him & he's at in regards matched speed with a blue truck in the middle lane that's next to him. I wait a small while, pursuing behind him, hoping he's moving to accelerate enough to pass the other car as 1 would expect when u are in a 'Passing Lane' either at least be courteous enough to slow down & fall in behind him, letting the traffic behind u pass. After standing by few time I realize there's no chance of that happening. This guy seems perfectly happy to just continue moving down the passing lane in a manner directly opposed to it's very name. I have to move across 3 lanes to the right, to what is generally considered the slow lane, pass two trucks & then change back across 3 lanes thereby ending up in front of him & continuing on my way. Don't worry, none of this was as aggressive a maneuver as it sounds. It was all done politely & with signals. I'm no hot dog on the roads. I glance back in my back view mirror & watch 3 more vehicles that was behind me (and him) do the same thing. Despite all these vehicles moving around him this dumbass not ever realizes that maybe, just maybe, he's in the inaccurate lane & must obtain out of the way of faster moving traffic. People enjoy him are the reason for so much congestion on the Massachusetts roads. To the motorist of this Dodge Ram: 'Buddy, do those signs that read: 'slower traffic retain right' mean anything to you?? If ur moving slow & aren't planning on passing anybody & there is room in the slower lanes (there was), then obtain the heck out of the passing lane!'

    • Car Details: Black DODGE Ram
    • Last Seen Location: US-3, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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