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  • I'm doing ten MPH OVER the posted speed (after midnight, open road) & this jerk decides that's NOT fast enough & pulls within feet of my bumper. I slow down to the speed limit (now lowered) & he's within inches. I slow down even more & he backs off in regards a auto length, however when I don't immediately speed up, is right back to it. The next guys is moving to have had a not good day, crash on the brakes, & then claim self-defense when they jump out of their auto & empty their magazine into ur chest, dork. After en voyage 600 miles in Phoenix AND Vegas within a space of 36 hours, you're without a doubt, the biggest dumbass (and the 1 intentionally dangerous one!) I saw. Congrats. Remember, 'Man who operate enjoy hell soon obtain there.'

    • Car Details: Cream CHRYSLER 300?
    • Last Seen Location: Boulder City, Nevada, US
    Anonymous January 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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